Friday, April 4, 2008

SPECIAL GUESTS: JASPER (Shannon's dog) and MITCH GARRISON (Geoff's bodyguard)

Interviewed by Genene Valleau, author of SONGS OF THE HEART

AUTHOR: The two of you have very special relationships with Geoff and Shannon, but how did you get along with each other?

JASPER: Indignant woof*
*translation: The first time I saw you, you were pointing a gun at me.

MITCH: It wasn’t actually the first time. Besides, I heard noises in the kitchen. How was I to know a dog could make coffee? And why am I talking to a dog?

JASPER: *Because everyone else is asleep.

MITCH: I was only at your house as a favor to Geoff.

JASPER: *Well, Shannon and I weren’t happy to have you there either.

MITCH: It didn't take her long to dump my duffel bag on the sidewalk, as I recall.

JASPER: (with doggie grin) *At least I didn’t bite you on the butt as you left.

MITCH: But Shannon slammed the door in my face.

JASPER: *That’s my girl!

MITCH: Neither one of you were so cocky when I came back.

JASPER: (with a sniff) *That was weeks later as a special favor to Geoff.

MITCH: You liked him right away.

JASPER: *I knew he was the man for my Shannon right from the beginning.

MITCH: You could have told her that. It would have saved everyone a lot of hassle.

JASPER: *Aw, you like Shannon too.

MITCH: I came to respect her when I knew she wanted what was best for Geoff and wasn’t just a golddigger like Zach thought.

JASPER: (with doggie eye roll) *Now there’s a butt I’d like bite.

MITCH: (with rare smile) So would a lot of people. Hey, you want to keep watch while I grab a couple hours sleep?

JASPER: *I’m on it. (As Mitch disappears, Jasper yawns, lays down and puts his chin on his paws.)

AUTHOR: Wait, we’re supposed to draw the winner of another basket of goodies. Guess I'll draw for this basket too.


anne said...

I enjoyed this entertaining conversation which has been quite an experience. Thanks for this fun and the glimpse into their lives.

Genene Valleau said...

Thanks for stopping by, Anne!

And though I'm slow in responding, your name did go in the contest hat for the drawings at noon, as well as the ones later today.

Glad you enjoyed the conversation between Jasper the dog and Mitch. I am owned by a number of dogs, so find it quite natural to talk to them -- unlike Mitch, who is disconcerted by doing that. :)

In fact, I think now would be a good time to take a play break with my doggies. But I'll be back soon!

Alice Sharpe said...

Hey, Jasper, you can cover my back any time you want to. Woof, wood, grrr....., yip!'

Genene Valleau said...

Hey, Alice, you slid in under the time clock and earned another chance at the grand prize.

Thanks for joining in the fun and for commenting in a language Jasper can understand!