Friday, April 4, 2008


AUTHOR: We're here with special guests Julia Cabot and her 4-year-old twins. However, this time we’re going to draw the winner of the basket first. What’s in our Breakfast Basket?

JULIA: The ingredients for breakfast --

ANGELINA: Because Aunt Shannon only knows how to bake cookies.

ABRAHAM: Why can't she make other things?

JULIA: Maybe because cookies are what she likes to eat best.


JULIA: Now, let’s see what we have in the basket. Pancake mix --

ABRAHAM: I like syrup on mine.

ANGELINA: And shaped like teddy bears.

ABRAHAM: Can we have hot cocoa too?

JULIA: There's cocoa mix in the basket.

ANGELINA: Can we keep the basket of goodies?

JULIA: No, but you can draw the winner.

ANGELINA: I don't want to. I'm going to watch TV.

ABRAHAM: I'll do it.

JULIA: Thank you, Abe.

AUTHOR: And the winner is: Kathy C.! CONGRATULATIONS!

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