Friday, April 4, 2008

SPECIAL GUEST: AMELIA, the little girl who stole Shannon's heart and challenged Geoff's doubts that he could be a loving father again

Interviewed by Genene Valleau, author of SONGS OF THE HEART

Right now Amelia is decorating cookies she and Shannon have baked. Amelia, what is your favorite kind of cookie?

AMELIA: Ones with sprinkles.

AUTHOR: Why is that?

AMELIA: Because they make you sweeter. *giggles*

AUTHOR: Do you and Shannon make cookies every day?

AMELIA: Almost every day, and sometimes Geoff helps put the sprinkles on.

AUTHOR: Do you dance every day too?

AMELIA: Kinda. My teacher says I have to work hard at dancing, but some days I’d rather dance just for fun with Geoff.

AUTHOR: Do you like Geoff?

AMELIA: *nods* He saved me from the river.

AUTHOR: That must have been scary.

AMELIA: And cold.

AUTHOR: You like Zach a lot too, don’t you?

AMELIA: *grins* Yeah. Other people say he’s kinda grouchy, but he tells me funny stories.

AUTHOR: You have a lot of people who love you.

AMELIA: Shannon says that’s the way adoption is supposed to be. She said the angels knew she had wished for a little girl with all her heart and I was her dream come true.

AUTHOR: I think she’s right.

AMELIA grins broadly: Can we give away some cookies now?

AUTHOR: Good idea! Why don’t you draw the winner?

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